When a tree has been removed, a stump can be a real eye sore, especially if the stump or roots keep growing!


Whether in a lawn, a garden bed, close to a building or along a boundary – if a tree stump is in the way, or spoiling the aesthetic of your landscape, we can help. Our self-propelled, wheeled stump grinder can get into most places. Small enough to get through a garden gate, or up a path, yet large enough to tackle even big stumps.


Stump grinding generally more efficient, cheaper and less impact than digging out a stump. If the stump is next to a building, a footpath or a road, we will use barriers to make sure that the surrounds are kept safe from flying debris.


Stump grinding leaves a small pile of woodchip and soil, where the stump once was. This can either be left in a pile, levelled by spreading over a garden bed, or removed at your request.


If you are thinking of having a tree removed, Freddie will happily supply a free no obligation quote for stump grinding, separately or alongside a price to remove a tree. If you’ve already removed a tree or shrub, that’s no problem, we are happy to price stump grinding on its own.