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As our name suggests, Treelands offers both tree and land work, including garden maintenance. 

We offer all aspects of garden maintenance and development, including:


Planting, weeding management, mulching, edible gardens.

Whether you have a highly manicured garden which needs regular attention to keep it looking sharp, or your garden is starting to resemble a jungle and requires restoration to get it back into shape – we can help.


Lisa (our green-fingered girl) offers regular maintenance schedules, or one off visits. From planting, weeding and mulching to pruning and spraying (and everything in between!).

Edible gardens are her specialty – Lisa can help you get the most out of your veggie garden, berries and fruit trees. You too could have your own garden of Eden in your back yard.

One of our main focuses has been providing organic maintenance solutions to those clients who wish to create ecosystem that sustains and nourishes plants without the use of chemical herbicides and pesticides. Organic weed control, natural pest control as well as additive free fertilisation are three key tools which can be used in a style of gardening that supports the health of the whole garden – and of those who eat the produce.

Along the way, if an area needs an overhaul or even you are starting from scratch, Lisa has the knowledge and network to be able to perform garden transformations. Check out our landscaping section and let us inspire a paradise whilst you reclaim your weekends!

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