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From an initial concept, through to full garden design and planting plans, qualified landscape designer, Lisa, has the knowledge and skills to design outdoor spaces which meet the needs and wants of our clients.

Gardening is Lisa's passion. She has a certificate in horticulture and a diploma in landscape design.  

You may have a blank canvas and need help marrying your home to its surroundings or want to create a private retreat from the urban environment. With a combination of soft and hard landscaping we can create year-round interest and functional spaces which will add value to your investment.


With an understanding of different styles of landscape, from rustic to formal, native and exotic; we can realise your desired style and work to the potential of your budget.


From plant supply, planting to turf installation and hard landscaping, we are able to manage and complete your landscape installation, or simply supply a plan and advice to get you on the path to a finished landscape.


As a hands on gardener, Lisa also has a deeper understanding about horticultural principles practicality and long-term management of your landscape. Awareness of plant requirements, site specific qualities as well as limitations will help to create a space which endures the test of time.

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