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Lockdown landscapes part 4: Life after lockdown

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Now that we are coming into alert Level 3, we can start thinking about life outside our bubble. With the extra time spent at your residence, you may have been thinking that you would love to get some more plants or trees around your home, or refresh your landscape. We would like to help to guide you by suggesting some local suppliers that we use and can highly recommend. We would urge everyone to look close to home and help small businesses to stay up and running.

Lets create happiness!

Planting and growing makes us all happy, it symbolises life - I feel that is exactly what we need right now! You may have been wanting to create a new landscape or revitalise an old one. Lots of plants are available throughout the year, but if you have specific wants or requirements, then it pays to get in early and buy or order the plants you want as often stocks are limited and they do sell out.

Look at your soil, do you need to improve condition and add organic matter? Applying compost, mulch and fertilizer to your soil will give your plants a great start. The same goes for planting trees, especially fruit trees. This is the time of the year to be getting on to those tasks to give the plants a good start before it gets cool - they can get settled in over the winter and be well on their way by spring.

Suppliers we use

These are some of the local businesses Treelands uses, but there are many other businesses in the same industry that need your support too. So if you have your favourite and they are great to you then support them. You can call your suppliers now and chat about what systems they have in place. You maybe able to place your order and wait until Level 2 for pick up. This can give businesses confidence to know things are starting to warm up again. Don’t be shy to make that call.

Landscape Supply Co : 281 Benson Road, Te Awamutu 3800

For all landscape supplies as well as green waste recycling. Fantastic products and prices; a great asset to Te Awamutu.

Masons Garden Centre: 4815 Ohaupo Road, Te Awamutu 3800

A great selection of shrubs, as well as farm and fruit trees. We also love their mushroom compost, which is a fabulous mulch and soil conditioner for your garden. Roses love it! It’s a magic product.

Payless Plants: 641 Ohaupo Road, Te Awamutu 3800

They have great selection of shrubs and perennials at fabulous prices, and I have enjoyed purchasing healthy plants from them for more than 15 years!

Wairere Nursery: 826 Gordonton Road, Gordonton 3281

An amazing nursery, fantastic variety of plants, shrubs, trees and roses. With a good range of large size plants and trees to really help get that instant impact. They aren’t local to us but worth a drive for those stunning specimens!

Roach’s Nurseries: 150 Schollum Road, Eureka 3372

A great supplier of healthy roses. I think they should be an icon of the Waikato. Mike is a lovely person to chat with and has great knowledge of his plants.

Our next step...

There is a long road ahead for all us. We need to support each other in whatever sector we can, both now and for years to come. How we act now will shape our future ahead.

So to come full circle, lets create happiness. You may like to share your happiness with someone else. You may know an essential worker deserving of a gift such as a plant or tree. I know I will be putting in a new garden for my sister, a nurse at Waikato Hospital. I want to help create a place of peace for her and her family. Let’s get ready to share and create happiness in our lives and in the lives of people around us.

Kia kaha and thank you for reading.

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